Coaching Programs

Networking Coaching

Networking coaching helps you build a network that works for you. We help you choose the right events, activities and organizations; and develop talking points, conversation starters, and follow-up plans. We help you develop strategic alliances, get warm introductions, and access your VIPS’s. We help you transform a generic elevator pitch into a ‘Fireball Pitch’, and work a room with substance, style and impact.

Presentation Coaching

We help you prepare content and materials to deliver a high-impact presentation – on camera and in person. Ideal for sales pitches, project presentations, panels, and conference keynotes. We help you improve your confidence, content, delivery and presence. You will learn how to engage, educate, and captivate your audience. Let’s get you that standing ovation and shiny awards.

Marketing / Branding Coaching

Comprehensive marketing and branding services, to help you tell your unique stories, shine a spotlight on your skills and success, and promote your brand with passion. We help you find the right ways to let everyone know how amazing your company is, so that you can attract lots of shiny new clients.

Career / Transition Coaching

Career Coaching and Transition Coaching provide you with expert advice and support when it’s time to make a career change.  We’ll help you identify and articulate your superpowers, push through fears and objections, find your purpose, and pursue your dream job. Because life is too short not to love what you do and do what you love.

  • “As a corporate real estate finance executive turned entrepreneur, I needed a firm that understood both B2B and B2C marketing, and could help develop a brand with global and local reach. Fireball Network’s creativity, enthusiasm, marketing savvy and professional attention made my transition to business owner easier, more focused and more fun!”

    Dotti Cunningham
    Dotti Cunningham Chief Exploration Officer, globeDOTTIngTravel

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